Zeitgeist Haze

by Cambatta

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The first of a 3 song trilogy that presents new age ideas and theologies lightly based on the controversial Zeitgeist Movement


Exhale vapors Gaze in the smoke
It's a ghosts from the fire that blaze when I tote
Celestial particles of my burn victims
Only sacrificing the herbs to earn wisdom
Rap scholar Im down to my last dollar mad drama
last saga of andromedas me!
What your getting is Cams heart on the beat
If Struggle is quick sand then Cambatta is deep
look, I Seen a lot in my life
The trauma the strife
I'm locked I'm economies vice
Medias molding our minds its pottery night
open your eyes 911 was an obvious heist TRUTH!
Their taking your freedom Obama is white
Religions just a depiction of the stars in the night Chuuch!
If knowledge power is and honor is might
Then, Life is a battle not all of us fight
I'm Swinging
Shadow boxing
My doctrines are like a jab I'm knocking
facts into your noggin you dodge em I'm Tim bradley robbing
Snatch a niggas cash up off him
Slash em like a fraction problem
If I my Dad watching
I'm thankful that he ain't grab a condom
Original man with a cynical plan to be a god
and hold the world in the midst of hand
I'm Taking my chromosomes and I'm switching
the strands till stronger than Arnold and smarter than kids in Japan
I'm tweaking!
I spark chaos I'm part Aesops
part Madoff and part Adolff
I parlay off shore in Barbados
With the rich white banking cartels and play golf
Huh! Im Sicker than a plague cough
Quicker then when dipping in a whip when it got straight NOS
Sipping liquor by the pitcher like its may 4th
or is it may 5th? and Im a straight spic
Words are forms expression I like to play with by twisting
them in complex rhyme patterns to make chips….Shit!
I got that grade A piff and Bajan bitch badder than Bebes kids
Im James Neismith
I'm heated like Bayless vs Steve A Smith
Believe that shit
It's Batta!
Im out of this world I'm like a spaceman
since that keg stand with Mikes water in Spacejam
Placebo effecting ya'll niggas
I don't even need substance to get to ya'll niggas
I'll shoot a 3 then I'll steal it and shoot a 3 again
In 8.9 seconds and Reggie ya'll niggas
Ahead yall niggas you aint ready my nigga
If life was money blacks are pennies my nigga
You Throw em in the gutter seclude em from the lighter coins
throw em to a bum he spend it on crack and invite his boys
Your music is classified as a type of noise
My music clever like Trojan horses inside of troy
They classify it as a new school sound how my voice can project
like Coo Coo cal, 40 acres a mule and a few thou
I'm Standing at my mailbox waiting it's due now
Smoke and mirrors life is like a magic show
a bunch illusions for manipulating the average soul
but I can see that slight hand
looking close and digging deeps how you defeat that kind a plan
Self sustain get knowledge and be happy
Smoke and mirrors coming scream at me


released October 4, 2012
Produced by: AraabMuzik
Written and Performed by: Cambatta



all rights reserved


Cambatta Tampa, Florida

Less than 5 minutes from Yale university and the infamous "Skull and Bones" headquarters, 3 minutes from where the Amistad landed, and a staircase away from evidence of a government created crack epidemic, a fifteen year old half human half Alien chose Cambatta as the alias he uses when he rhymes with clever word patterns to express himself Artistically. ... more

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